Amazing Kids! Magazine

Night to Day

By Sehen Gamhewa, Comic Hub Editor and Contributing Writer

It’s an endless sky
And a starry night
As a shooting star
Sets my soul alight

The Puppet

By Jean Lin

Yank, pull, move, grow.
The humans control the rods and strings,
They make me do horrible things.

Tribute to Anne Frank

By Abby Black

In a world of black,
She was the white.
A young, brilliant girl,
Shining bright.

Winding Trail

By Mariam Kravchenko

Life is a winding trail,
Bearing its own separate paths,
Some perfectly paved,
Others dirty and rough.

Listening Point

By Riddhi Kedia

The fireplace roared to life
The flames turning up or
Drowning out all other sounds around me.

My Treat

By Mackenzie Oubre

My favorite thing to eat
Is a fruity, juicy, gummy treat!