Amazing Kids! Magazine

How Seasons Came to Be

By Lindell Smith Jr

Once upon a time, there were four children. None of the children knew each other, nor did they ever see each other.

Stephanie Saves the Day

By Krimika Keemtee, age 17, California

I look back at my clothes being washed in circles over and over, my head was getting dizzy just by looking at that.

Chinese Checkers

By Abby Park, age 13

It was so quiet that a pin dropped, just in case anyone needed the confirmation.     Clink.

Hickory Dock and the Grandfather Clock

By Aiden Talbot, age 14, Washington

Hickory Dock the mouse stood on the end table, staring at the colossal grandfather clock that towered above him.

Scritch, Scritch

By Madison Keim, age 15, Ohio

Scritch, Scritch.

Uninvited Guests: The Hidden Door

By Aidan Baird, age 11, California

“Sir! Someone has been stealing more Union arms and supplies!” Major Laurens said to Lieutenant Jefferson.