Amazing Kids! Magazine

A Kind Heart, Chapter 3: The Final Battle

By Julia Melik, age 13, Prague

The sisters with the knights sat on winged steeds and the father and the youngest daughter rode on Pegasus.

Blossoming from the Garden

By Natalie Delgado, age 12, Richmond, CA

It was a sunny day in San Pablo. It was 12:01 in the afternoon. Jason was walking around in his neighborhood.

Nature’s Guardian

By Angela Vargas, age 11, San Pablo, CA

It was a chilly, spring morning in a small California coastal town. The birds were chirping outside my window.

In The Future

By Justin Ho

“Wake up, Xk 2319.” announced a cool, feminine voice.

A Kind Heart, Chapter 2: Transformations

By Julia Melik, Age 13, Prague, Czech Republic

Upon entering the room, the two older sisters started to laugh at Mia and make fun of her. Mia sighed, whispering to herself that she’d rather have stayed in the forest.

A chapter from Blazing Stones

By Charley Zinn, Age 11

Star’s eyes fluttered open just in time to realize that she was plummeting towards the earth at a tremendous speed.