Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Bella Grasso, age 16, California

“Not so hard sweetie!” Estelle cranes her neck as her granddaughter tries to bring the small plastic brush through her long, thinning, gray hair. 

The Lion, The Fox, and The Wolf

By Shreyansh Chakraborty, India, age 6

Once upon a time in a jungle, there lived a fox. The fox was very naughty. He loved to trouble the other animals like the elephant, the rhinoceros, the giraffe, the deer, the monkey, etc.

High School

By Xochitl Sanchez

8:00, the first bell rang. I hurry in to class to get the seat all the way in the back. Like always I sit alone.


By Qirrat Ahmad

Emily sighed for the umpteenth time. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t shake off her disappointment.

Dino the Living Stuffed Animal

By Irving Fernandez, age 11, California

Many years ago, there was a toy dinosaur who had an owner named David. David had medium dark hair, and he would always wear black jeans with a red shirt.

Stories From the Frontlines

By Naomi Jeanpierre

Cameras flickered like lightning as the crowd hummed a low roar. I was caught in the storm of reporters.