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How A Puppy Found A Good Home

By Alondra Ramirez, Age 11, Richmond, CA

It was Friday afternoon, the end of a long school week. When the dismissal bell rang, I bolted out my classroom and ran outside into a warm spring breeze and vivid blue sky.

Snow Day

By Peyton Joffre, age 13, and Brandon Carrera, age 14, Texas

One day Peyton invited me to this football field to play catch. The problem was, it was 18 degrees. That’s a little too cold to be walking around in.

The Unexpected

By Jasmin Garcia, age 17

I still remember it like it was yesterday when my parents told me the unsatisfying news. It was the week before Christmas on Thursday morning when my parents said, “Stacy honey start packing your things so we can go to Florida for the holidays.”

How I Helped a Grouch Love Christmas

By Nasaiyah Owens, age 12, San Pablo, CA

It was a snowy Christmas Eve in Denver. Everywhere I went, I could see Christmas carolers and shiny, snowy, slippery cars.

A Panda Comes Home

By Elsa Joel

James entered his house with an animal in his hand.
“Take this, Lauren,” said James to his granddaughter.

The Secret Room

By Alakshendra Singh, age 13, Delhi, India

It was Monday morning, and like any child, I was having Monday morning blues.