Amazing Kids! Magazine


By Nafisa Yusufali, age 12, Keller, TX

“Sydney! Sydney!” my mom yells urgently from downstairs. “Wake up or you're going to be late for school!”

The Lost Homework

By Vichida Phisitkul (Dada), 12 years old, Thailand

Today was Meg’s first day attending her new school, and her hands were already sweating out all her confidence.

Homework Abduction

By Haley Hunt, age 12, Peachtree City, GA

When science class began, Alex McKenzie looked down at her empty desk—the desk where the homework Mr. John assigned the night before should have been.


By Madeline Berkowitz, age 10, New York

I love this place, my home planet. As a two-ball alien, bouncing here is my favorite thing to do.

The Unlikely Duo

By Bryan Martinez, Brooklyn

On the outskirts of a beehive, there looms a mountain out in the far horizon. Every morning from dawn to dusk, the bees come out and play, working to pleased their Queen.


By Claire Borecki, age 16, Darien, CT

Hannah Ferguson and Sophie Vilter were doing homework together in the morning in Hannah’s bedroom, two hours before it was due.