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By Estelle Anderson, age 10, New York City, NY

It was already 10:00pm, and Dad still wasn’t home.

Lost in the Woods

By Nneka Nkwocha, age 15, California

A chilly gust of wind woke Becky in a panic. Becky was a pretty and sweet girl; she always helped in need, but this time around she needed to help herself.

Tigerlily’s Secret

By Julissa Diaz, age 15, California

There once was a teenage girl, named Tigerlily, who had been living in a cabin in an enchanted forest.

Fighting the Long Fight

By Ashley Chambers, Grade 10, CA

Sienna heard those words echo through her head throughout the whole sleepless night. "You have been diagnosed with cancer. We'll do everything we can Ms. Brooks."

The Gray Seed

By Jenna Weingarten, 16, New Jersey

A long, long time ago, the Land was barren. There weren’t any plants. There weren’t any animals. And there definitely weren’t any colors.

Finding Words

By Sydney Koenig, age 15, California

Sometime during her day, Margaret had realized she wasn’t getting anything done. Well, it was around noon, to be honest.