Amazing Kids! Magazine

White, Just White – Overall Winner, 9-11 Age Group

By Macey Uzzell, Age 11, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Courtney took a deep breath. She was going to do it. Her fingers tightened around the paper she held. In her other hand were paints of every hue.

Short Story – Overall Winner, 12-14 Age Group

By Olivia Ruiz, Age 12, Florida

Mother always said that this day would come. During summer, I never really worried about what would happen next season, and enjoyed the nice weather.

A Trip to the Zoo

By Ryan Traynor, Assistant Editor

David walked into his bedroom, looking once again for his missing keys. Shifting the papers on his desk, he heard a jingle as the keys slipped behind the desk, into the air conditioning grate.

House on Via Pesaro Avenue

By Shalma Alvarez, Age 11, California

It was a bright winter morning on Via Pesaro Avenue. As I shoveled snow from my sidewalk, I could see car windows and rooftops carrying slushy, slippery snow.


By Allison Stein, Contributing Writer

Most people were ecstatic about their birthdays, so I should have been psyched about turning 15. But I dreaded my birthday, which I would have to share.

Lost In Sand

By Jorge Araujo, Age 15, California

Jimmy and his father had always enjoyed vacationing to some nearby sand dunes with friends and family.