Amazing Kids! Magazine

Tucker, Come Back!

By Cristal Molina, Age 12, California

The Johnsons lived in a calm and quiet neighborhood. No sirens. No helicopters flying over you. No trains. The trees were bare and full of vanilla white snow that looked like cookies in cream.

The Adventures of Mr. Bubbles

By Meghan Parker, age 11, Pennsylvania

“MOMMY!!! I want my Barbie back!” Oh, sorry about that, I’m Mr. Bubbles, and that was little Kate Shlowps.


By Olivia Luntz, age 13, Connecticut

Have you ever done something that scared you? More importantly, did you enjoy it in the end?

A Slip into Adventure

By Ryan Traynor, Contributing Writer

Jeff pounced through the flaps of his one-man tent, eager to get out of the chilly wind of the spring night.

Solving the Case

By Sarina Patel, age 9, Florida

WHOOSH! A gust of chilly air entered the classroom as I swung the massive wooden door open. The usual sea of heads “greeted” me with fierce eagle eyes and a stiff nod.


By Nichole War, age 18, Virginia

What a beautiful, sunny morning it was in the giant tree house atop the massive oak where Squish the octopus lived with his trusty pal, Eddie. The bright sun peered into Squish’s window just enough to wake him up.