Amazing Kids! Magazine

Amazing Kids! Interview with Maria Keller

By Victoria Feng, Editor-in-Chief

Maria Keller is the founder of Read Indeed, a nonprofit organization that collects and distributes books to those in need.

Sophie Scholl: An Amazing Kid from History

By Jordan Brunk, Amazing Kid from History Editor and Contributing Writer

Sophie Scholl is an amazing kid from history. As a young political activist, she shows us that we can stand up for what we believe in even if we are young.

The Broken Heart

By Ashley Faulkner, age 14, Ohio

It was the day of love—Valentine's Day, February 14, 2015. I was at my friend Kellen's house. I remember it was a bright and misty morning, and Kellen and I were setting up a board game.

Magic Knee Pads

By Ally Frye, age 14, Ohio

The black, elastic cloth stretched over my small legs, from my thighs to my ankles. Giggles echoed through the otherwise empty gym.

Teachers’ Perspectives on Education

By Akshaj Mehta, Sci-Tech Kids Editor

Interview with Ashley Silas and Luis Larin

Fantasy Football: Life Lessons Learned

By Derin H. Kirtman, grade 5

After receiving an invitation from one of my friends to join a fantasy football league, I discovered that there are many lessons hidden in its depths!