Amazing Kids! Magazine

Snowy Disaster

By Valeria Garcia, age 11, California

It was a snowy morning, and the snow looked like torn-up little sheets of paper. I woke up realizing I had a sore throat that hurt like if I had lava oozing down my throat.

What Was Just and Unjust About Hammurabi’s Code?

By Pamela Suarez

Have you ever heard or read about the Code of Hammurabi? It’s the code of laws that was partly based on the concept of retribution, or “an eye for an eye,” and the concept of restitution, payment to victims for any type of loss.

A New Friend

By Davi Jacobs, Contributing Writer

Today was a terrible day! In the morning, I slept through the alarm clock and missed the bus. Then, just as I entered the school in a rush, I realized that I forgot my science project at home!

People Watching

By Lizzie Feeney

“Kaylah, you can tell me what’s wrong. You don’t need to…”

Careful What You Wish For

By Quirrat Ahmad

Sometimes, life can get hard, and everyone just wants to drop all responsibilities and become isolated from all the stress.

The Time My Dog Left

By Macy Monte

I had a beautiful chocolate lab named Gingerbread Girl Monte, though everyone called her Ginger, beloved Ginger. She was beautiful, and she came camping with us.