Amazing Kids! Magazine

Book Review of Little Men

By Alicia Xin, age 13, New York

Nearly everyone has heard of the classic Little Women. Yet its sequel, Little Men, remains relatively unknown.

A Time of Giving

By Stella Prince, AK Adventures Editor and Nonfiction Editor

The December holiday season can be thought of as a time not only of receiving but of giving. Many donations are given in the month of December.

Personal Narrative: Welcome To Africa

By Catherine Dewees, Ohio

Thump! The worn down Jeep rolled over another rock. As I peer out the sunlit window, I look over the peaceful African plains.

The Tightrope of Terror

By Alyssa De Haven

“Snap!”, it was a picture perfect day, sun rays were beaming against my face. There wasn’t a cloud in sight, and the sky was a shade of turquoise.

Judgment Due

By Qirrat Ahmad

Decisions that we make and do not make determine the course of our lives. They bring about effects that will change our lives either for the better or the worse.

The Trapeze Lesson

By Aravah Chaiken, New York, 11

This summer, I learned a very important lesson. My mom signed me up for a trapeze lesson.