Amazing Kids! Magazine

From Lamb to Lion

By Abby Scheeser, age 13, Ohio

The glowing melody of a flute broke through the immobile air, slipping and gliding throughout the notes of the simple tune.

Grandma’s Grand Party

By Tyler Tritsch

Murmurs and smiles fill the air. Everyone is in the fanciest clothes, but some are also huddled in casual coats.

A Special Holiday Season

By Luke Henize, grade 8, Ohio

“Try It Night.” That’s what they called it at least.

Changing Lives

By Lauren Schmit, age 14, Ohio

Glancing up, I noticed a boy across the room that looked familiar to me. Looking back on memories like a Rolodex and clearing all the cobwebs, I remembered him from my church.

My Friend Joseph

By Akshaj Mehta, Sci-Tech Kids Editor

I was in 3rd grade in the first term when my best friend Joseph got a brilliant idea to write a book. He had this brilliant idea about a science fiction story. It was called The X Legacy.

Snowy Spring Blossoms

By Sarah Yaacoub, age 15, Kentucky

She spun around in wobbly circles on the damp pavement. Above her were the branches of one of the big Bradford pear trees that lined the sidewalk; it was mid-April, and now the tree was an explosion of white, the tiny white flowers that always popped up in spring.