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Welcome to the AK eNews!

Who is Amazing Kids?!

Amazing Kid! of the Month (AKOM) for November

About the Amazing Kids! Magazine

Amazing Kids! Magazine Highlight: Spotlight Interview with a Circus Performer!

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The Heart of Amazing Kids!

We believe kids need access to positive peer and adult role models to learn from, emulate and be inspired by. By learning the behaviors and attitudes that lead towards success, our kids will ultimately be able to lead more successful and fulfilling lives.

For over 12 years, our award-winning website and literacy-enhancing educational enrichment programs have provided kids worldwide with positive role models, demonstrated within our “Amazing Kids! of the Month” stories as well as our interviews with successful adult professionals in our “Amazing Mentors! Spotlight” column.

Our programs such as our kid-run Amazing Kids! Magazine, and our Amazing Kids! PenPals program, give kids a unique “hands-on”, real-world educational experience often impossible to achieve in the classroom. We believe that by providing children with such an opportunity, we can help them discover their own unique gifts and encourage them to use those gifts in positive and productive ways to make a difference in the world.

Welcome to the Amazing Kids! Newsletter!
We hope you enjoy our new monthly Amazing Kids! eNewsletter, conveniently sent to your inbox each month, filled with the latest exciting news from Amazing Kids!

Who is Amazing Kids!?
Amazing Kids! is a children’s educational non-profit organization founded in 1998 by Alyse Rome, Amazing Kids! Founder and President, a former teacher and marketing executive. The Amazing Kids!’ mission is to inspire excellence in children and help them realize their own amazing potential. Our programs serve to lift kids’ sights up and show them just how fulfilling and fun being an achiever and an “Amazing Kid” can be.

Amazing Kids! believes all kids have amazing potential. It is with the support and guidance of caring adults in their lives that our kids will have the chance to nurture their gifts and use them to realize their own potential. We invite you to join us on our journey as we explore ways to help our kids discover and nurture their own gifts and use them in productive ways to launch their amazing dreams for their future. Welcome!

Gen, “Tech Diva” and our Amazing Kid! of the Month

Our November Amazing Kid! of the Month, Gen L’Esperance, is a tech-savvy teen who inspires kids to learn about technology. Gen has been a Microsoft Certified Professional since age 15 and a Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist since 16. In early 2010, Gen began her own web channel, entitled GenINC, to promote technology education and online safety among teen girls. Gen also dedicates her time and talents to teaching kids programming . Gen’s passion for tech is driven by her ideology that “Technology is the only medium that has the potential to reach and enrich the lives of other children anywhere and you don’t even have to leave your home to do it.”

Beginning this month, Gen will also be a co-editor and reporter for the Amazing Kids! Online Magazine’s “SciTech Kids” column.

Check out Gen’s Amazing Kid! of the Month story here!

About the Amazing Kids! Magazine

The Amazing Kids! Magazine is our kid-created, award-winning monthly online magazine which gives budding young writers, journalists and editors a “real-world” experience writing for and producing a monthly online publication. By seeing the high quality creative output of their peers, students are inspired and challenged to contribute their own work to our magazine. The educational value of the Amazing Kids! magazine has been recognized globally by schools and other academic institutions and other online learning programs such as the Renzuilli Learning System. Our magazine’s content is regularly featured in educational textbooks by some of the world’s leading educational publishers such as Pearson Education and Scott Foresman.

We are proud to note that Amazing Kids! was recently recommended by the American Library Association as one of the Top 24 “Great Web Sites for Kids” for 2010! You can find the magazine listed under the category of Literature & Languages, “Writing by Kids” on the ALA website:

We invite your children or students to submit writing, art, photography or videography to our magazine! Please have them read our submissions guidelines first here.

An Amazing Kids! Magazine Highlight: Spotlight Interview with Steve Caveagna, Circus Performer

Steve Caveagna is not the typical teenager. At eighteen years old, he is touring the United States in the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey presentation of Illuscination. Caveagna grew up in a circus family and joined his father and brother on stage at the young age of ten years old.
Since then, he has perfected his art form that exhibits a well-balanced combination of both music and hilarious antics. His performances range from clowning with his family and interacting with the audience, or showing off his own hand skills with a juggling prop called the Diabolo!
Steve’s job requires hard work and alot of practice each day, but is undoubtedly a lot of fun!

Check out our, Editor-in-Chief, Sean Traynor’s interview with Steve Caveagna here!

Amazing Kids! Zazzle Store is Open for Business!

We are pleased to announce the grand opening of the Amazing Kids! Online Store on! The purpose of the store is to help raise awareness and funding for our Launch My Dream! initiative, helping kids with big dreams get the help they need to get their dreams off the ground. The featured t-shirts and hoodies and aprons are designed by the winners of our Launch My Dream! contests, and 50% of the proceeds goes directly towards supporting the young designers’ dreams, while the other half goes to supporting the Launch My Dream! initiative, so Amazing Kids! can help even more kids launch their dreams throughout the coming months and years.

Visit the Amazing Kids! store today and get a head start on your holiday shopping:

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